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Here you will find tools and resources for all those working with children and young people who may be expereincing neglect.

Teesside Practice Guidance

Neglect Framework and Practice Guidance 

Neglect Tool

Child's Chronology Guidance and template


Capturing Lived Experience Tools

These resources have been created with Lived Experience questions in mind and are designed to support your conversations with a child / parent and hold their interest through a fun activity. This activity can be used to support language and allow the practitioner to find out more about the child’s lived experience.

A Day in the Life of a Child Booklet 

All About Me Booklet

All About Me - Direct Worksheets and Activities

Always, Sometimes, Never 

Always, Sometimes, Never Cards - Early Years Child

Always, Sometimes, Never Cards - Primary School Child

Always, Sometimes, Never Cards - Teenager

Always, Sometimes, Never Cards - Child with Additional Needs 

Signs of Safety Tool - Fairy

Signs of Safety Tool - Wizard


Neglect Awareness Posters and Leaflet

Neglect Awareness Poster - 1

Neglect Awareness Poster - 2

Neglect Awareness Poster - 3

Neglect Awareness Leaflet


NSPCC Learning 

Neglect: Learning from Case Reviews